______________________________________, Who is a member of the Archery Club at



_________________________________ (school name), will, as a member of the club participate in 3-D archery shoots against other archery clubs.  The club sponsor will supervise the shoots.  It is understood that each of the students will be given proper instruction, both in the use of the equipment and in the correct safety procedures concerning it, before they will be able to compete.


The student must assume responsibility for the following safe practices, and we, therefore, ask the student subscribe to the following archery pledge.


  1. I promise to follow all safety rules set forth by the archery club.
  2. I promise to inspect my arrows before each shot.
  3. I will conduct myself in a fashion that I will not cause injury to others or myself while participating in a shoot.
  4. I will show respect for the range and other shooters in my group.
  5. I will read and understand the rules for shooting the range.



Date: _________________  Student Signature: _________________________________




I hereby give my consent to allow my son or daughter to participate in the archery clubs 3-D shoots.



Date: _________________  Parent Signature: __________________________________



Parents are cordially invited to attend the shoots and help out in anyway possible.