A. The W.Va. Bowhunters Hall of Fame was established on March 8, 1985, to honor bowhunters for outstanding achievement with bow and arrow, fine sportsmanship and/or dedication and exceptional contributions to the organization or administration of bowhunting. It is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a person by the West Virginia Bowhunters Association.

B. Hall of Fame nominees must: have no game law violations; have 25 or more years bowhunting or archery experience (unless they have passed away); have demonstrated success as a bowhunter; have spent the majority of their archery and/or bowhunting life in W.Va.; contributed to the future of bowhunting by their activities (can be archery activities from early days of bowhunting in W.Va... i.e. 1957-60, or before); have promoted unity in archery and bowhunting.

C. Hall of Fame nominations may be made at any time. However, for induction to take place at the WVBA Annual Awards Banquet, all nomination and support letters must be received prior to December 31 of the previous year. Hall of Fame nomination should be sent to the screening committee chair, the WVBA immediate past president.

D. The nominating letter should outline the nominees contribution to archery and bowhunting over his/her lifetime, indicating the years of input into each activity listed (e.g.. taught 4-H archery for 10 years). The nominator must recruit five letter of support for the nominee, and include those with the nomination.

E. A Screening Committee chaired by the immediate Past President, and consisting of two current WVBA Board of Directors members, and two Hall of Fame members - each of the four having been selected by random drawing - will screen nominees to be voted on by the WVBA Board of Directors. The Screening Committee should be convened to perform this screening process. Acceptance or rejection of a nominee by the Screening Committee will be determined by secret ballot. For a nominee to be rejected by the Screening Committee, it will require two (2), or more negative votes.

F. The WVBA Board of Directors shall appoint a chairperson each year that a nominee is to be voted on. The Board will vote by secret ballot on each nominee with 2/3 or more votes of approval needed for induction.

G. Persons approved for membership in the Hall of Fame will be installed at the WVBA Annual Awards Banquet. Awards should be present to be inducted unless there are extreme health or personal reasons.

H. The WVBA Board of Directors may amend these rules by majority vote as the need arises.


A. The Hall of Fame member shall conduct and present himself/herself at all times in a manner that will bring respect and honor to bowhunting, and the WVBA.



A. Any violation or conviction per stated in the WVBA Constitution and By-Laws shall also apply to a member of the Hall of Fame

B. A Hall of Fame member that is accused of a violation shall have the opportunity to answer said charges before the WVBA Ethics Committee.  The Ethics Committee will have the authority to take disciplinary action such as: warning, suspension, and/or expulsion.


Revised: April 11, 1995
Published in Fall 1995 Newsletter.
Republished in Fall 2007 Newsletter.