You check the contents of your inventory

At times navigating this site may not be unlike navigating the best text adventure game ever. Yes, it's intentional and no, I'm not going to apologize.

Valid Commands

Look Up

Don't click the pictures, it's a trap. Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Look Down

Go Down. That's reality, LOA, providence, what have you. Hold your head up (whoa), hold your head up (whoa), hold your head high.

Examine Room

Be vigilant. Keep your back to the wall and scan for exits upon entering. Have a plan, have several. You only die once (this time).

Get Lamp

You ARE in a dimly lit stairwell. Or did you forget?

Adventure Log

You mean I have to read stuff?

  • 15 minutes ago (not really)
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So the deal really is that I'm tired of fixing computers. If you're a friend I'll still hook you up but, otherwise, not so much. Having every intention of making this now aging domain about me and what I like, having my thoughts consolidated right here with social media integration is precisely my goal. Plus, I'm in a place where I can focus on the creative process. I'll be designing dashboards, applications, SaaS stuff and good old websites now. I'm stoked.

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